My trip trough Miami and Bahamas

The next day we got up early, had breakfast at the hotel and went to the beach. A huge beach, very long. Impacta to be on a beach with so much building and skyscrapers behind.

Towards a terrible heat, so we stayed all morning to soak, and we rented a watercraft to cross the water of Miami Beach jejeje.

We ate in the vicinity of the hotel, and followed the day by relaxing by the pool.

After relaxing well, we went up to the room to shower and mend a little and go down to the happy hour. We had a couple of cocktails, and went for a walk on the famous streets, avenu collins, Spanish way, licon road etc … We had dinner in a restaurant on Linco road and back to sleep.

The next day after breakfast, we took a taxi and went to the port to catch the cruise.

We walked in, ate fast and did a quick sight of reconnaissance by the boat. It was our third cruise, so we were not surprised by the boat in excess and we were moving quite well.
We spent the afternoon on deck, and saw the exit of the port of Miami. To say that this was spectacular … One of the most impressive ports I have ever seen. The departure of the boat seeing the Miami Dowtown with its skyscrapers and then Miami Beach is simply spectacular. We could also see the artificial island with the houses of the famous …

As a curiosity, usually on the dinner cruise you are assigned a turn and a table with the same people for the rest of the dinners. In this one, you could go to dinner when you wanted to like any street restaurant.

So nothing, we managed, went to dinner, had something at the disco and fell asleep early to get up early.

We got up and we were in the Bahamas. The first stop was on Grand Bahama Island.

On this scale I wanted to go to the beach of Gold Rock Beach, it is in Lucayan National Park, and is listed as one of the best beaches in the world.
We hired the excursion for the boat, since there is no other possibility in the port where it docked.

The bus arrived at Lucayan National Park, we were given free time. We walked through the park watching their caves, and headed to the beach. Simply spectacular. A beautiful and huge beach, where we would only be 20 people .. The truth is that you feel in paradise ..
To say that we were lucky with the time, since in the distance we saw a great storm pass …

Then we were taken to a restaurant called Banana Bay, a beach restaurant, very Caribbean and pretty … We ate something and we continued to relax on the beach and back to the boat.

Second stopover of the Serious Cruiser in the Bahamian capital, Nassau. At this destination we wanted to go to the famous Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, and spend the day having fun at its water park.

We took the tickets taken over the internet, so we went downstairs and took a taxi to the Atlantis. We exchanged tickets at the reception, and headed to the water park. This is very good because they make you go through the whole hotel, which is impressive and very luxurious, and you also pass by the aquarium, one of the largest in the world and it leaves you with your mouth open.

After seeing the aquarium, we went to the water park ticket booths, left the things and enjoyed ourselves as the dwarves tugged at all the slides hehehe.

We ended up getting tired of getting on and off, so we went for a bite to eat, and then rested a bit on one of the resort’s beaches. The resort was huge, and next to the water park there were lots of pools and beach nearby …

The last stop would be at Great Stirrup Cay, a private island of the shipping company. I did not have high expectations on this scale, as I was going down to a beach with buffet and ready, but I really had a good time. We found a snorkeling area where there were plenty of fish and we spent most of the morning .. then ate at the buffet, had cocktails, a swim on the beach and back to the boat.

That yes, the image of the beach with the impressive boat in the background, is one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen …

And we arrived on the last day of the trip, our flight left at the last hour of the afternoon, so that day we contracted from England an excursion to the famous Evergaldes of Florida.

Comentar that this I disappoint a little, you arrive at the park and you give a turn in hovercraft, we saw a crocodile a little of far and of jejej miracle … then there was a show, where a caretaker explained something about crocodiles .. I say something because When we arrived it was ending, which I really annoyed, because for some reason of organization we had arrived late.

We continued with free time on the crocodile farm, while the caretaker offered a photo with a crocodile in exchange for 5 dollars .. I really did not like that way of doing business with the animal … I took the picture of I remember .. but I did not like that roll …

We returned to the hotel, picked everything up and went to the airport to go back to England …